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Mary Lambert 監督作 "High Midnight" 、製作会社 Treasure Entertainment のサイトに製作予定の企画として挙がってら。まだ生きてる企画みたいです。
High Midnight, Treasure Entertainment
と思ったら、大丈夫か、Treasure Entertainment!2011年暮れ頃に見たら、サイトドメインが契約切れですよ!

MTV Movies Blog 10/31/08



ドイツ国内でのPRとマネージメントを依頼していた UZ United Artists との契約が2011年2月のDschungelkind公開あとに切れたらしい。お取り扱いアーチスト一覧からくれっちの名が消えて、過去の情報もごっそり消えていた。貴重な情報源だったのになあ、残念。

たれこみネタ他コメントは、この投稿の Anm. からお寄せ下さい。

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Stalingrad 撮影


【またスターリングラード!!といっても、ロシア製作、2013年秋にロシア、中国で公開予定作。ソ連軍側視点のラブストーリーも盛り込んだ3D IMAX作品。ドイツキャストの有名どころはくれっち、アウグスト・ディール、ハイナー・ラウターバッハ。サンクトペテルスブルクで第1期撮影2011年8月25日-9月19日、第2期撮影2012年4月-6月予定といいつつ7月に撮影たけなわ、15週に及ぶ撮影といってるから4月開始は間違いなさげ。でも第1期撮影は"The River"撮影とかぶっているし第2期撮影5月あたりは"Open Grave"撮影とかぶってるからくれっちの撮影参加は第2期7月あたり、もしかして4月もというかんじだと思う。】

August 25, 2011, director Fedor Bondarchuk began shooting war-drama "Stalingrad" in St. Petersburg
The first shooting period of "Stalingrad" finished.
On September 19, 2011, the first shooting block of the movie "Stalingrad" directed by Fedor Bondarchuk was finished. It should be mentioned that the filming process began on the 25th of August, 2011, in St. Petersburg. The second shooting period will be between April till June 2012.

... The popular German actor Thomas Kretschmann, the face of Hugo Boss who appeared in "King Kong," "Apocalypse," and "The Pianist," is also involved in the movie. He plays a German officer. There have been rumors that Bondarchuk first invited Til Schweiger to play this role, but the actor allegedly refused, explaining that he does not want to sully his reputation by playing the role of a Nazi. ...

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Dracula 3D ワールドプレミア



Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Red Widow パイロット版(Schiller役)


【米ABC "Red Widow" パイロット版でくれっちがやってたSchiller役が主役級にグレードアップ。でもくれっちは降板、Goran Visnjicがやる。】

Nachdem im Serienpiloten die Rolle des Hauptgegenspielers auf Mafia-Seite, Schiller, noch als Gastrolle ausgelegt war und von Thomas Kretschmann („The River“) gespielt wurde, wurde die Rolle nun zur Hauptrolle ausgebaut und mit Goran Visnjic besetzt.


Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Open Grave 撮影



Posted: Wed., May. 2, 2012, 11:08am PT
Atlas adds Copley, Kretschmann to 'Grave'
Lopez-Gallego directing thriller that begins lensing Friday
By Dave McNary

Atlas Independent has added Sharlto Copley ("District 9"), Thomas Kretschmann, Josie Ho, Joseph Morgan, Erin Richards and Max Wrottesley to the cast of "Open Grave."

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego ("Apollo 18") is directing the tale of six desperate individuals who wake up with amnesia-like symptoms next to an open grave of rotting bodies in a remote, desolate forest.

Atlas Independent's William Green and Aaron Ginsburg are producing with Michael Wunderman. Production will begin Friday. The film is being produced in association with 852 films.

The project was written by Eddie and Chris Borey.

Camela Galano, who is handling international sales through her Speranza13 Media company, has closed deals with Village Roadshow for Australia/ New Zealand; with Svensk for Scandinavia; with Myndform for Iceland; and with Shooting Stars for the Middle East. The film will be on offer at Cannes.

Aus Atlas adds Copley, Kretschmann to 'Grave', by Dave Mcnary, May, 2.2012, Film News, Variety

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The River 撮影(Captain Kurt Brynildson 役)



Dr. Emmet Cole is missing.

The beloved host of The Undiscovered Country, which brought the wonder and magic of the natural world into our homes for so many years, has disappeared in the wilds of the Amazon. Gone for six months now—and believed by many to be dead—his emergency beacon went off two weeks ago. Now Dr. Cole’s wife and frequent co-host of The Undiscovered Country, Tess, has begun the search for her husband. With the help of her son, Lincoln, and crew members Lena Landry, Emilio Valenzuela and his daughter Jahel, and Captain Kurt Bryndilson, Tess is looking to be reunited with her husband and save the rest of his missing crew.

Documenting the journey will be Dr. Cole’s long-time friend and collaborator on The Undiscovered Country, award-winning Producer Clark Quietly, and a team of renowned camera operators including AJ Poulain.

But the search for Dr. Cole may provide more questions than answers. Where have he and the missing crew been? What mysteries of the uncharted Amazon did they capture on film? Can this family that was torn asunder six months ago be miraculously reunited? The world holds its breath as we wait to find out just what became of Dr. Emmet Cole and his crew.

Aus About the Show, The River,

【ハワイで2011年8〜11月、米ABC TVシリーズ The River 撮影】

The River (ABC)
TV Series - A riveting new thriller starring Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Emmet Cole, who travels the world to film a popular nature television show. He goes missing in the Amazon, and his family, friends and crew set out to find him. The story takes you deep into the unknown, where the only thing darker than family secrets is the mystery at the heart of the Amazon - mystery that may just have you believe there's magic out there. “Now, the shocking truth about his disappearance is out there, somewhere, just waiting to be discovered." Executive producers are Michael Green, Oren Peli, Zack Estrin, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider.
Shoot Date: August to November 2011

Aus Current Productions, Hawaii Film Office

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Dracula 3D 撮影(Dracula 役)


【2011年5月30日から北部イタリアでダリオ・アルジェント監督作 Dracula 3Dの撮影らしい】


特報:1,000万ドル3Dスリラー、Les Films De L'Astre がフランス配給、Itatla Film が中近東配給。

イタリア初のライブアクション3D映画、ダリオ・アルジェント監督作 Dracula 3D の主役としてトーマス・クレッチマンが契約。本作はイタリア北部で5月30日撮影開始。



ブラム・ストーカー原作古典のイタリア・スペイン版として、ローマを拠点とする Mulltimedia Film Production と Enrico Cerezo Productions が製作にあたる。

Thomas Kretschmann to play lead in Argento's Dracula

16 May, 2011 | By Andreas Wiseman

EXCLUSIVE: $10m 3D thriller gets distribution from Les Films De L’Astre in France and Italia Film in Middle East.

Thomas Kretschmann has signed on to play the lead in Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D, Italy’s first live action stereoscopic 3D, which gets underway May 30 in northern Italy.

The Valkyrie and The Pianist actor will star alongside Asia Argento, Marta Gastini and Rutger Hauer, who plays doctor Van Helsing.

Roberto Di Girolamo’s Filmexport closed several deals on the film here at Cannes market.

The Italian-Spanish take on Bram Stoker’s classic story is produced by Rome-based Multimedia Film Production and Enrico Cerezo Productions.

Aus Thomas Kretschmann to play lead in Argento's Dracula, by Andreas Wiseman, Screen Daily, May 16, 2011

あらすじは FilmExport group(英語)の international sales にある Dracula ページでどぞ。


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46. Goldene Kamera で B. Eichinger 追悼スピーチ

第46回 Goldene Kamera で故 Bernd Eichinger (1月24日にLAで心臓発作起こして急逝)に対してベストプロデューサー賞が授与され、クレッチマンがプレゼンターを担当。公私ともに付き合いのあった Eichinger を追悼。

Aus 46th Golden Camera Awards - Show (Thomas Kretschmann) - zimbio

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ドレスデン Semper Opera ball におでまし


1/14にドレスデンSemper Opera Houseで開催されたSemper Opera ball におでまし。毎年1月中旬に行うチャリティーコンサート&舞踏会のようです。
公式サイト Semper Opernball


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What a Man 撮影(Jens役)


What a Man: Matthias Schweighöfer zeigt seine Männlichkeit

Matthias Schweighöfer will sein Regiedebüt ‘What A Man’ drehen, um neben Thomas Kretschmann & Sibel Kekilli zu zeigen, was für ein Mann er ist. Gestern in Berlin hat er offenbart, wie er zu seinem ersten Großprojekt, bei dem er alle Fäden in der Hand hat, gekommen ist:
Testosteron, los: Matthias Schweighöfer führt bei ‘What A Man’ Regie, spielt mit und produziert, um zu zeigen, was für ein Kerl er ist.

Matthias Schweighöfer hat eines Abends mit Co-Autor Doran Wisotzky zusammengesessen und gesagt: “Hau mal deine Beziehung auf den Tisch, ich hau meine auf den Tisch.”
So entstand das Drehbuch für ‘What A Man’, bei er und sein Freund zeigen wollen, “was wir für Männer sind”.

Erst beim Drehbuch schreiben stellte Matthias Schweighöfer fest, dass er die Hauptrolle auch gleich selber spielen will und wird nun als Lehrer Alex zu sehen sein, dessen Freundin ihn verlässt – wegen eines knallharten Machos. Kein Wunder, dass Alex sich in der Folgezeit viele Gedanken ums Mannsein macht.

Neben Thomas Kretschmann als Frauen klauender Macho sind Sibel Kekilli, Mavie Hörbiger, Milan Peschel und Gitta Schweighöfer, die Mutter des multibegabten Stars, dabei. Matthias Schweighöfer will ‘What A Man’ im September 2011 in die Kinos bringen.

Aus What a Man: Matthias Schweighöfer zeigt seine Männlichkeit, Dec. 16, 2010,

Aus What a man

Kino Kino: What a man

What a Man - Interviews beim Filmdreh - STARS - Das Kinomagazin - Februar 2011 - CineStar

Montag, 22. November 2010

Jonny Walker "Walk with Giants" フィーチャー


Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Cars 2 吹替( Professor Z 役)

【2011年英6月下旬、米7月下旬公開の Cars 2 でアテレコ】

New Cars 2 Trailer Online
Updated: Michael Caine, Isaacs and more
17 November 2010 | Source: Disney

Update: The extra cast have now been confirmed as Michael Caine as seasoned spy Finn McMissile, Emily Mortimer as spy-in-training Holley Shiftwell, Jason Isaacs as spy jet Siddeley, Joe Mantegna as Grem, Peter Jacobson as Acer, and Thomas Kretschmann as Professor Z.

No sooner was the new poster unveiled this morning than we heard rumours of a spanking-new trailer for Cars 2, and sure enough it screeched to a halt in our metaphorical forecourt soon afterwards.

Directed by John Lasseter with Brad Lewis, it's the further, globe-trotting adventures of Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his mate Tow Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). But the big news is that that's Michael Caine voicing British super spy Finn McMissile, who will therefore have a touch of the Harry Palmer about him, and not simply be a James Bond clone as some had suggested.

Cars 2 is out on July 22, 2011, in the UK, and June 24, 2011. Yes, Pixar's showing blatant favouritism to their home turf in release dates again. We're going to have to have a word; we can't possibly be expected to keep waiting an extra month for their films.

Aus New Cars 2 Trailer Online, Movie News, 17 November 2010, by Helen O'Hara, Empire

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

"Kozmo (The Cape ep.3)" Gregor Molotov役



A FORMER ALLY THREATENS MAX MALINI AND HIS CREW, WHILE DANA FINDS OUT THERE WERE WITNESSES TO VINCE’S DISAPPEARANCE — When Gregor Molotov (guest star Thomas Kretschmann), an old friend of Max Malini (Keith David), comes to town in search of who is in possession of the cape, Vince (David Lyons) must fight to save the people who took him in. Meanwhile, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) is back to work in the public defender’s office, where she encounters Palm City’s corruption first hand. Peter Fleming (James Frain) and Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) continue their tireless pursuit to find out Orwell’s (Summer Glau) true identity.

Aus Official Descritption for the 1/17 Episode: "Kozmo", CAPESITE.NET

Aus The Cape 第3話 Kozmo オフィシャルトレイラー

Aus ザ・ケープ 漆黒のヒーロー 第3話「不死身のマジシャン、コズモ襲名」, wowowオンライン


Hey everybody, Tom here. It's finally happening! Today was the first day of filming of Episode 2 of The Cape! ...

Aus Posted 08 October 2010 - 06:30 AM, Orwell Boards

Freitag, 27. August 2010

Hostel 3 撮影


"Nip/Tuck" star John Hensley, comedian Skyler Stone, "True Blood" actor Chris Coy and German sensation Thomas Kretschmann have joined the cast of "Hostel 3," an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

Variety and Bloody Disgusting previously reported that Kip Pardue ("The Rules of Attraction") will star alongside Brian Hallisay ("Bones") and Sarah Habel ("Party Down") in the horror sequel.

The story concerns a Vegas bachelor party that turns grisly when the groom (Hallisay) learns that his longtime best friend (Pardue) has targeted him for ritual murder.

Scott Spiegel ("From Dusk Till Dawn 2") will direct from a script he co-wrote with John Fasano, while Chris Briggs and Mike Fleiss will produce with Eli Roth, who told Shock Till You Drop last year that he wouldn't be involved in the straight-to-DVD project.

"Hostel 3" will be released through Sony's Stage 6, a company that specializes in low-budget prequels and sequels to established properties such as "Starship Troopers" and "Wild Things."

Hensley is best known for playing Dylan Walsh's son in the aforementioned FX series. On the feature side, he has co-starred in "Teeth," "Shutter" and "Fifty Pills."

Stone is a well known comic who has previously been seen on the big screen in "Van Wilder," "The Rules of Attraction," "Stuck on You," "The Island," "Accepted," "For Your Consideration" and "Waiting…" He recently appeared on CBS' "The Mentalist" and "Rules of Engagement," as well as ABC's "Lost," and next stars in Greg Garcia's sitcom "Raising Hope," which debuts Sept. 21 on Fox.

Coy has several TV credits under his belt. He recently appeared in Noah Baumbach's "Greenberg," and just wrapped Elgin James' indie drama "Little Birds."

Kretschmann is best known to American ads for playing Capt. Englehorn in Peter Jackson's "King Kong." He's also appeared in "Valkyrie," "Wanted," "Transsiberian," "Downfall," "The Pianist," "Blade II," "U-571" and on Fox's "24."

Hensley is represented by ICM and Vincent Cirrincione & Associates, Stone by Rebel Entertainment Partners and Justice & Ponder, while Coy is represented by TalentWorks and Main Title Entertainment and Krestchmann by Paradigm.

Aus Exclusive: Hensley, Stone, Kretschmann, Coy Join 'Hostel 3', August 27, 2010,

HOSTEL: PART III - Directed by Scott Spiegel, Written by Spiegel and John Fasano

The second sequel to Eli Roth's twisted original finds Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps handling FX duties. Genre fans may recall that Precinct 13 worked on the original HOSTEL back in 2005, and that writer/director Scott Spiegel has worked with Robert Kurtzman on numerous projects over the past three decades. Kurtzman just returned from a visit to the Michigan set of HOSTEL 3, where the blood is flowing nicely.

Aus "HOSTEL 3, THE WOMAN, and Episode 4 of The Creature Corps!", Friday, 03 September 2010 by James Zahn, Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

ユニバーサルスタジオ "King Kong 360 3-D" アトラクションプレミアにひょっこり



UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - JUNE 29: Actor Thomas Kretschmann arrives at the Premiere Of Universal Studios Hollywood's 'King Kong 360 3-D' Attraction on June 29, 2010 in Universal City, California.
King Kong 360 3-D at Universal Studios Hollywood

Aus Thomas Kretschman - Premiere of Universal Studios Hollywood's "King Kong 360 3-D" Attraction,


Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

The Sinking of the Laconia 撮影(Admiral Dönitz 役)



1942年を舞台とする前後編大型TVドラマ "The Sinking of the Laconia" (ラコニア号沈没)の撮影が、大西洋南部で起きた物議をかもした悲劇的な事件から67年後の今年、始まった。

英国の優れた脚本家アラン・ブリーズデイルによる第二次世界大戦TVドラマ化。武装英国商船ラコニア号が独Uボート156の魚雷に被弾。ラコニア号に乗船していた英国兵士と一般市民、連合軍兵士とイタリア人捕虜兵士の人間ドラマを描く。沈没船生存者は400名、このままでは溺死必至。Uボート艦長ヴェルナー・ハーテンシュタインはナチ最高司令部命令に背き、敢えて生存者全員救出を乗組員に命じる。ハーテンシュタイン艦長が連合軍に対し生存者救難信号を送るそばから米軍B24に爆撃されるU156。"The Sinking of the Laconia" では、ごく普通の人々の並外れたヒロイズム、友愛と逆境を乗り越える気合いを描く。




All at sea The Sinking of the Laconia

Filming of The Sinking of the Laconia, a powerful two-part television mini-series set in 1942, began on the 67th anniversary of the tragic and controversial incident in the South Atlantic.

Dramatised by acclaimed British screenwriter Alan Bleasdale, the World War II television production explores the human stories of the British soldiers and civilians, allied soldiers and Italian prisoners-of-war who were aboard the armed British vessel, RMS Laconia, when it was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat 156. In a decision that contravened the orders of the Nazi High Command, U-boat commander Werner Hartenstein instructed his men to undertake a daring rescue of all 400 survivors, who faced certain death at sea. Although he gave orders for messages to be sent to the allies to recover the rescued survivors, U-boat 156 was attacked by an American B-24 bomber. The Sinking of the Laconia relates the extraordinary heroism of ordinary people, the friendships that developed and the triumph of the human spirit over great adversity.

In the largest interior location, the second floor of Capetown’s City Hall doubled as the Paris headquarters of Admiral Dönitz. “When my gaffer, John McKay, and I realised that the halls had eight huge windows, we decided to put 18K Silver Bullets directly outside each. But the windows were approximately 30-feet high, so we positioned the lights at 45-feet the South African way – with scaffolding. We were able to move through the building’s three halls in one long shot,” says Schreitel.


Aus InCamera - June 2010, Cinema and Television, Kodak

Aus The Sinking of the Laconia, BBC

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010



【「毛皮産業のために中国の犬猫多数が犠牲になってるんですよー、毛皮やめるかフェイク・ファーにしましょうよ」というキャンペーンの広告に 愛猫Tutと登場】



ハリウッド在住の俳優トーマス・クレッチマン(Zweiohrküken, キング・コング, バイオハザード2) 、動物愛護団体PETAドイツの反毛皮キャンぺーンに初参加。毛皮産業に反対する挑発キャンペーン広告「こういう毛皮を着てるんだよ!」のため、愛猫 Tut とLAで広告撮影。

トーマス・クレッチマンは大の動物好き。Tut のほか、2匹の犬、カメ、サカナ、ヒョウモントカゲモドキとアメリカの家で長年ともに暮らしている。



So trägt man Pelz
Thomas Kretschmann mit schnurrendem Pelz

Oben ohne, dafür mit seiner Katze posiert Kretschmann für "Peta".

Der in Hollywood lebende Schauspieler Thomas Kretschmann (Zweiohrküken, King Kong, Resident Evil: Apocalypse) engagiert sich erstmals für eine Anti-Pelz-Kampagne der Tierrechtsorganisation PETA Deutschland e. V. Zusammen mit seiner süßen Katze "Tut" posierte er in Los Angeles gegen die Pelzindustrie: "So trägt man Pelz!" lautet der Claim des Anzeigenmotivs. Thomas Kretschmann ist seit vielen Jahren ein großer Tierfreund. Neben "Tut" lebt er zusammen mit zwei Hunden, Schildkröten, Fischen und Leopardgeckos in seinem Haus in den USA.

"Wir sollten uns der Umwelt und den Tieren gegenüber respektvoll verhalten", so Kretschmann. "In der Pelzindustrie geht es ausschließlich um Profitgier, und das auf Kosten von wehrlosen Tieren. Ich hoffe, dass sich viele Menschen meinem Protest anschließen und auf Pelze in jeder Form verzichten!"


Aus Thomas Kretschmann mit schnurrendem Pelz - International - Österreich /

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Dschungelkind 撮影(Sabine の父親役)


【1970年代、聖書翻訳のために現地の言葉を学ぼうという宣教師である父親に連れられ、パプアニューギニア奥地の未開の村で幼年期を過ごした Sabine Kuegler のベストセラーノンフィクションが元。作品撮影は2010年2月14日-5月31日、独バイエルン州、ノルトラインヴェストファーレン州とマレーシアで】

Drehbeginn 14.02.2010
Drehende 31.05.2010
Drehorte Bayern, NRW, Malaysia

Aus Dschungelkind (2010), crew united

Drehbericht Dschungelkind

Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

The Big Bang 撮影(Detective Frizer 役)


【独ARDで11月11日放映の "Romy" (Harry Meyen 役。Zeit紙で好評のようです)の宣伝とともに、トニー・クランツ監督作アントニオ・バンデラス主演 "The Big Bang" 撮影中との近況報告】

"Ein herausragender Thomas Kretschmann" schrieb die Zeit über die Darstellung des Harry Meyen in der Romy Schneider Verfilmung "Romy". Das hochgelobte Filmerlebnis sehen sie am 11. November um 20.15 Uhr in der ARD.

Aktuell dreht Thomas Kretschmann an der Seite von Antonio Banderas "The Big Bang" unter der Regie von Tony Krantz.

Aus Thomas Kretschmann in "Romy", artist network(リンク切れ)


Antonio Banderas

Director: Tony Krantz

Screenwriter: Erik Jendresen

Genre: Mystery, Noir
About the film:
A two-fisted postmodern film noir detective story about a hard-boiled Los Angeles private detective's search for a former stripper who is supposed to exist, but whom no one has ever seen; the ex-boxer and convicted murderer who loves her; the night-club owner and pornographer who might have employed her; the meth addict who might have seen her, and the clues that lead to an aged billionaire stoner who has built a subterranean subatomic particle collider in the middle of the New Mexico desert; his painfully beautiful young wife; a neurologically disordered quantum physicist who is looking for The God Particle - the theoretical source of all matter in the universe. The solution to the mystery will cost ten lives, net $30 million and just might explain - well - everything.

Project Timeline:
May 10, 2009: Cast: Antonio Banderas

Aus The Big Bang at | Tony Krantz

【多数の米超人気TVドラマの制作エージェント&プロデューサーであるトニー・クランツの劇場封切映画初監督作。「量子物理学を舞台に繰り広げられるネオ・ノワール探偵スリラー、コーエン兄弟 meets デヴィッド・リンチな雰囲気」だそうな。6月段階では9月14日作品撮影開始予定】

After 15 years as an agent at CAA, packaging such television shows as “ER,” “West Wing,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Twin Peaks,” and 10 years as a television producer of such shows as “Felicity” and “24,” Tony Krantz, 50, has begun his third act. As CEO of his production company, Flame Ventures, he’s adding feature director to his resume, fulfillment of a lifelong dream that began long before he ever worked at CAA, Imagine Television and Warner Bros. After refining skills as director on two direct-to-DVD movies for Warner Bros. Home Video -- “Sublime” in 2007 and “Otis” in 2008,” both written by Erik Jendresen, who was lead writer for HBO’s miniseries, “Band of Brothers” -- Krantz is now preparing to direct his first film for theatrical release, “The Big Bang,” an independent project written by Jendresen that will star Antonio Banderas.

- So what’s “The Big Bang” all about?
I’d call it a neo-noir detective thriller set in the world of quantum physics. It’s Coen Brothers meets David Lynch. Ed Limato read the script, fell in love with it and gave to Antonio. He read it and loved it at first sight. We start shooting Sept. 14.
Hollywood is all about reinvention, and lots of actors have turned to directing. Bur few executives have, perhaps none who worked as an agent and as a producer. How do you explain it?


Aus '24' Guru Tony Krantz Grilled on His First Feature, by Michael Janofsky, June 14, 2009

【探偵か刑事が知らんが detective と名の付く役がウィリアム・フィクナー、くれっち、デルロイ・リンドーと3人いますねえ。果たして謎の解明を見届ける役か、それとも死にフラグか…】

Aus The Big Bang (2010), IMDb

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Fringe 出演は1回だけ(a soldier from another dimension 役)

【FOX TVシリーズ "Fringe" 敵役として何回か出る設定のスーパースパイ役(異次元からきたターミネータみたい)はスケジュールの都合で10/8放映回に登場しただけでおしまい、あとはSebastian Roche がやることに】

Sebastian Roche joins 'Fringe'
Actor will recur as a new villain on Fox's sci-fi series

By Nellie Andreeva

Oct 21, 2009, 11:50 PM ET
Sebastian Roche has been added to the cast of Fox's "Fringe" as a recurring, playing a new villain on the sci-fi series.

Details of Roche's story line are being kept under wraps, but his character is a soldier from another dimension who is not quite human/not quite machine, trying to gather information for opening a stable door to the other side.

He replaces Thomas Kretschmann, who was originally cast as the super-spy and appeared in the Oct. 8 episode but couldn't recur because of a scheduling conflict.


Aus Sebastian Roche joins 'Fringe', by Nellie Andreeva, Oct 21, 2009